A Collection of Commonly Asked Questions at Mobility City of Central MD

At our mobility store, we offer a wide range of equipment for rent and for sale, including mobility scooters, power chairs,
lift chairs, and more. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right equipment to meet your needs and budget,
but here is a list of our customers frequently asked questions at Mobility City of Central MD.


Monday-Friday 9am-5pm – Saturday 10am-2pm – Closed Sunday

There is always someone in the showroom on days we are open.

Yes, we offer delivery services for our mobility equipment. Delivery fees may vary depending on the distance and other factors. Please contact us for more information about delivery options.

Purchasing & Payment:

We offer a 10% military discount.

Yes, we offer financing options for mobility equipment through a company called Acima.

We do not have a specific senior discount program, but we are happy to work with our customers to provide competitive pricing on mobility equipment.

Yes, we offer discounts and specials on mobility equipment during certain holidays and promotional events. Be sure to check with us during those times to see if we have any ongoing promotions or discounts.

We do not take health insurance as payment.

Yes, we offer budget-friendly products for customers on a limited budget.

We do not purchase used mobility equipment.

We regret to inform you that we cannot accept returns on our mobility equipment.


Hospital beds, lift chairs, scooters, power chairs, wheelchairs, rollators.

Rentals can be as little as one day all the up to a month with the option of extending.

Yes we can deliver rentals.

Depending on distance the fee starts at $95 and can go up to $150.



We apply the first months rent towards the purchase.

We have and we can.

Get in touch with us before your trip and we can deliver to you at the airport.

We usually meet customers at baggage claim.

Yes, The port of Baltimore.

In the ticketing office.

Call us before your trip and we leave it or meet you at the ticketing office.


If we know ahead of time what parts we need, or after we get the correct parts ordered.

Yes, there is a fee for us coming to you.

Yes, we do service electric scooters.

No appointment is needed – we look forward to assisting you!


Yes, our technicians are employees of our company and undergo background checks before being hired.

Our technicians have received the Covid-19 vaccination.

Yes, we are insured in case of any damage that may occur during our service in your home.

In-Home Delivery:

We can deliver to anyone in our territories around the Baltimore-MD area.

Depends on scheduling but usually within 24 hours of receiving it.

Yes, again for a fee.

Products & Equipment:

Yes, we carry a variety of bathroom safety equipment such as grab bars, shower chairs, raised toilet seats, and more.

Yes, we accept payments over the phone for products and services at your parents’ home.

Yes, we offer repair services for mobility equipment purchased from other companies.

Yes, we offer repair services at your home, apartment, or assisted living facility for an additional fee.

Yes, we do carry replacement batteries.

No, but can order as needed.

Yes, you can purchase batteries on your own, but we recommend consulting with our technicians to ensure you get the right type and size for your equipment. Additionally, if you are not experienced with installing batteries, it may be safer and more efficient to have our technicians assist with installation.

Yes we do sell chargers.

We do not purchase used equipment.

Yes, we have mobility equipment available in our showroom for customers to see and test before making a purchase. We believe it’s important for our customers to have a hands-on experience with the equipment they are interested in to ensure it meets their specific needs and requirements.

Yes, we honor manufacturer’s warranties on mobility equipment.

Yes, we carry and service bariatric mobility equipment in our store.


We can sanitize various types of mobility equipment including wheelchairs, rollators, parts of scooters, walkers, and other similar items.

Just to clarify, sanitization using steam will not cause rust or fading of the equipment. It can actually help remove dirt and grime, and sanitize the equipment without damaging it.

No chemicals, just hot steam of 220 degrees.

It is recommended to sanitize your equipment at least once a month to maintain cleanliness and prevent the spread of germs. However, the frequency of sanitization may depend on how often the equipment is used and the level of contact with different surfaces. It is best to consult with a professional or refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific recommendations.

Yes, we can sanitize equipment at your home or at our store. It’s up to you where you prefer to have it done.